Puffy Sleeves //


Lets join the fashion week buzz! I love and get so inspired by all the fashion street style of attendees. More so than what’s actually strutting through the catwalk. It’s not a secret that the picks and ootd’s from our favorite bloggers is more influencing than the fashion dictators themselves. They’re all over our insta feed and pinterest.

One of the trends that caught my eye were the fun and sculptural tops, the puffier the sleeves the better. I love contrasting these with worn out vintage jeans, like shown here - a pair of hand painted, levi’s vintage from Raba Vintage. Don’t forget to check out their selection of denim. Then to add to the drama, pompom earrings from Fruity Poms, now available at the shop and coming soon here to the website. Also making their way through fall, is the summer “it’ bag, all the woven, bamboo or wood bags are here to stay to compliment your outfits. I wasn’t really ready to let them go, they are a conversation starter in themselves and elevate any look.

Photography by: Stephanie Varela x Chic’tique

Summer Whites // Pt. 2


These flare jeans are no joke. If the statement of the color white wasn’t enough, let’s add extra high waist and super flare to raise the bar. Not only they elongate your legs x1000 but flatter every body shape and size. I paired them with a fun, red gingham top with ruffles and acrylic accessories -another hot trend.


A white feminine, light weight romper. Riding the coat tail of my last article, rompers are still on my season’s must have list, and I might not see the end of it. The highlight of this outfit is the color itself, nothing else added except gold accents. The ultimate summer combo: white and gold. The romper speaks for itself, airy flowy ruffles that keep you cool while looking hot. 


The best thing of all, is the get now, wear later factor. This color is forgiving all year round and should not be underestimated. You can wear it day or night, hot or cold. And in the hopes of seeing this color more often, throw out the window any “after labor day” rule. Trust your instinct and when you don’t have anything to wear, do a no brainer: white on white. Last but not least, ALWAYS carry a tide pen with you, you can thank me later for that ;). 

Photography by: Stephanie Varela x Cream City Magazine

Summer Whites //

IMG_0330 2.JPG

Or neutrals. Summer is the perfect time to over use whites and anything alike: off white, beige, tan, you name it. Stock it up. The question that comes to mind is how to wear it or what pieces should you incorporate into your ootd rotation. Putting aside our go to white tee, let’s think more statements rather than basics.

Nothing is more elegant than a crisp cotton white shirt. This one was love at first try. Off the shoulder, puffed sleeves with cuffs - easy to pull over your elbows. To make it weather appropriate, I paired it with high waist linen beige shorts. Neutrals galore head to toe. Added the cult following trend -a wood bag and matching earrings. 

JPEG image-CAE657200D9D-11.jpeg

Photography by: Stephanie Varela x Cream City Magazine

One Piece Wonder // Pt. 1


Back and better! The one-piece jumpsuits or rompers —perfectly adapted for the summer season, have shaken off their vintage vibes of the 70’s and now are coming in hot, modern and big time in trend. We did see this trend a couple of seasons back, and some were skeptical, question if wearing them would be “too much of a statement”.

Summer takes over in this double knotted bodice and flare short shorts, bright and flowy. A grab and go piece like this one give you time to coordinate accessories. Here, wearing the IT bag of the summer and retro sunnies seal the deal.



Photography by : Dulce Maria Miranda x Cream City Magazine

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking // Pt. 1


Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking

That phrase shook the meme fashion world to its core. Let me remind you of that scene where the highly (feared) dictator of fashion of movie The Devil Wear Prada, Miranda Priesly’s character gently looks away with a pursed lip and unimpressed at a designer’s Spring presentation. Why would she react like that in room full of delicate and beautiful floral prints? What’s so wrong with floral prints?

I am the first one to whip out a fun cute floral ensemble but out of all the prints of summer, (fall, spring, for that matter because they’re here all year round) it’s a print I’m most conscious of. Frankly it’s over used, and it can get tiring if not innovated or used in a smart way. I’m not to avoid it --because one thing for sure, it will never go out of style.  What I am invoking for is a spin, let creativity rule over your florals. It is a basic in every wardrobe and as seen during this past Fashion Week all around the fashion capitals, florals ruled the catwalk.

Rule number one: match your florals. Go for a micro print, subtle enough that it doesn’t overpower the look. Don’t let it be about the flowers but of the components of your outfit. This flirty pleated with ruffle set skirt is ideal. Easy to throw on and bares the essential summer shoulder. Wear with black ankle booties during weather transitions which in addition adds boldness.

Photography by: Dulce Maria Miranda for Cream City Magazine