White Winter

One of my favorite outfit post to this day. In collaboration with photographer Janai Cantua and this dreamy setting made it easier to show you one of my most frequent asked questions: can you wear white during fall/winter? The answer is absolutely yes, and I have been obsessed with trying to figure out how to wear it easily. A full skirt and crochet dress is certainly a challenge, it is practically yelling SPRING! But with a mix of fall accents it can perfectly be worn at one of your holiday parties. Shown here, love how romantic it can look with a cropped leather jacket, felt hat, and dark makeup. Made to stand out but very season appropriate. You can assign this dress a space in your all year round. 


Garden Tour Dress

The Mack by Lack of Colors, for inquiries please email/call us! info@shopchictique.com/956.285.5991

pics by: Janai Cantua

The Tavern

A casual day out stroll can take a big turn with a couple of closet staples, not too loud but simple enough to make a statement. The basics shown: skinnies and chunky sweater --all day everyday if I could --in the form of cool knee slits and off the shoulder fold over, these two paired together is pure magic. And there's not enough that could be said about a good fitting skinny jeans except for the fact that it's world changing for us that struggle to find them. Finally, I found Articles of Society; soft, stretchy fabric with a jegging like fit. 

 We went out to shoot at one of my favorite locations in downtown, The Pearl, a recurring setting for many of my outfit posts and I never seem to finish exploring this amazing place. Stay tune for more of the upcoming outfits taken here! 

Get the look! Follow the links to shop: 

Sarah Knee Slit Jeans

Lavish Grey Knit

Bandana Like You Mean It

Circus Life Sunnies by Quay (inquiries: info@shopchictique.com, coming soon to site)

J for JMR Rings (inquiries: info@shopchictique.com, coming soon to site) 

photography by: Jana Cantau

Mixed Media

Summer is officially over and although lake season might be coming to an end, all those chunky knits you've been eyeing will now be socially acceptable to wear. Soon you'll be snuggling in your favorite cashmeres, toasting up in wool coats but in the mean time --as in between seasons, you'll have knit --and that's one thing you can never have enough of.

I tend to mix and match prints but when showcasing the best transitional wear tip: summer staple + sweater, mixing textures was the way to go. Beiges, oatmeal tones with pops of accents was what this cozy, Lean On Me Chunky Knit, begged for. Layered over a must have,easy to wear; our Light Hearted Romper. Decorated with a bandana, quay sunnies, and patched embroidered Maria Bonita Clutch. Find the deets below! 

I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend, and remember the no. one fashion rule: there are no rules. Keep those whites coming! XO. Shop inquieres: shopchictique@gmail.com

Lean On Me Chunky Knit $45

Light Hearted Romper $47

Maria Bonita Clutch $58

White Jinx Sunnies by Quay $53