Mexico For The Holidays

Holidays are always a whirlwhind and nonstop but if there's a part thats actually fun, its outfit planning. So of course if we headed out on vacations, the fair thing would be to share our picks for this trip to the beautiful city of Mexico. In our true colors, the only mission was to eat and we did it so fashionably well...with new arrivals. 

I've never been surrounded myself with so much history and culture at once. From the streets to the local eats and obviously the art. One of my favorite spots was the reknown, majestic, Palacio de Bellas Artes. The day was beautiful to tour around historic downtown, so I went with a cotton/linen blend jumpsuit. Detailed trimmed straps and lace up on the back, something that at first glance can be dressy but I toned it down with a pair of black nikes, my grey bomber jacket and sunnies. At night, I was ready for some drinks with just a change of shoes.