What's Your Holiday Style?


The holidays are coming full throttle. Everyone is glistening and happy, and the fam gets together, your prime amazon orders are in, your house smells like fresh baked cookies. You even have that posada everyone’s been blazing up your WhatsApp coming up. Yet the inevitable question comes up, and somehow everything starts to crumble from there. “What am I going to wear?"

Studies show that during a time of fashion crisis, people’s mood drop by a 49.8%. I for sure am in a better mood if I like what I’m wearing So to avoid a melt down, the key is to plan. — have we not learned that yet?

But to successfully execute said planed outfit, it is important that we choose one that calls out your name. Wear what is you with confidence or even better, wear all of them with confidence. By them I mean all following looks: I’ve narrowed down three of my go to’s styles…which one is you?

The home body: comfort is key for this gal, but she won’t risk looking sloppy. Because there might be tamales at that posada, I give you a pair of high waist super soft corduroy flares and trendy furry sweater. Add eccentric details like these translucent sunnies and a must touch of leopard print.