Never Say Never \\ Pt.1

7 in 10 gals may take a few minutes to premeditate a purchasing decision —well done, I praise those smart buyers ( I lean more on the impulse *cough ). Chances are, the determing factor is the “occasion”. The “Where would I wear it?” Especially when is comes to statement pieces, the ones that are mistakenly categorized as non enough usage per cost. 

Set aside those thoughts and make most of those pieces you said you’d never find an occasion for. After all, most of them were purchased through the heavily party filled December —which makes them not your conventional daily wear pieces. So lets put them to work! 

A statement, head turning mermaid skirt. Cocktail or no cocktail party, this skirt made you fall in love. Paired with a golden foil crochet crop doesn’t make it less dressy, but with an added oversize denim jacket, the look turns a little playful and casual.  


Don't Resist Mermaid Skirt $45

Photography by: Miguel Flores / instagram: @soymaico