Yeah it's been a while since our last blog post, but I'm excited to get back at it starting with this new section #CHICSQUAD: the girl next door with kickass style --or as I like to think of it as "no model stats just normal life". At first this hashtag was meant to separate all of Chic'tique's clients rocking the clothes on social media, but as I sat on it, I realized it was much more than that. The girls and women that pop into our shop serve as models when they go into fitting rooms, and I love to study their style, get to know them and learn what drives them, because that, ultimately that drives me and this business. They are our biggest source of inspiration and nonetheless, it's always a great time playing dress up.

So in short; this section wil be about featuring real women with seriously cool style, our muses and the ones who inspire us with their day abouts making a difference in our community. First up...Eugenia Pineda. 

Name: Eugenia Pineda H.

Age: 27

Native: Honduran/ Latina

Occupation: Nutritionist

What motivates you everyday? Inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle. Music always motivates. Sharing the love.

What advice would you give your 20 year old self? Be grateful for the little things in life. Always be positive and embrace the uncertainty of not always having the answers in your 20s.  And trust your gut. Always.

Describe the perfect day: My perfect day is relaxing with my friends-the people I love, a great outfit put together from my favorite stylist (Chic'tique) and having a great hair day doesn't hurt , enjoying a good meal, and being outdoors.

Favorite Quote: Life is only as good as your mindset.