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*A personal note from owner.

Welcome peeps!

My name is Michelle Cook, an all things fashion lovah. Most of the blog posts found here will be written by yours truly. It was about time to get back into the blogging world and continue to share this old passion and sticking it to new projects. A couple of years ago I started a fashion and style blog called 'Nice Things and Stuff' as a form of creative outlet --expressing myself through art and fashion is my happy place, it drove me to make jewelry, paint, photograph, style, and write a fashion column for a local magazine, but a lot of my love went into women's fashion retail.

This blog space adopting now the name of 'Nice Things' will be an extension of Chic'tique®, focused on the daily wear about's, behind the scenes, ootd's, special features, you name it! Why Chic'tique? A lot a girls grow up fantasizing and joking about their future kids' names, I (of course did that too) grew up thinking about the name of my dream business. With clippings from a 2006 Elle Magazine and word playing with chic + boutique, the name was born! I'm beyond excited for this new journey, hopefully growing it into a space that will cater to all your fashion necessities -because at the end of the day, aren't they necessities? What's even better, if you like what you see, you'll be able to find it directly on site and shop away. 

Exhibit A: a flowy pleated tunic with a peep hole back is a fall dream dress, just in time for the summer transition. Earth hues and warm tones are huge this fall and expected to pop up in every corner. We can begin with this little number. ;) Decorated with layers from an elastic choker to a long tasseled necklace, one I haven't taken off at all. I wont be able to finish describing my love for wide brim felt hats, so I'll just stop here.  

For the moment the site is not completely finished but feel free to email us with any of your outfit inquiries to: shopchictique@gmail.com. We'd be happy to help, thank you for stopping by! XO

PS. Dont forget and sign up to our newsletter. Launching date is getting closer!!  

Dress: Arizona Tunic Dress $45,

Necklace 1. Isabella Layered Feathers Necklace $21