One For The Ages // Pt. 3


The girl boss. Who would’ve thought it was ok to wear lingerie to the work office but we gotta keep it proper. Therefor I’m adding a bright blazer and small lilac handbag with kitten chunky heels. Take advantage of color blocking by mixing neutral tones and brights.

This is a must have piece this season, and hopefully many to come because I live for it’s comfort and for all the ways you can wear it. Along with all it’s girl power and revolution history, this dress is a symbol of confidence and freedom, the one I hope I can pass on to my daughters.

Written and Styled for Cream City Magazine, Photographed by Stephanie Varela

One For The Ages // Pt. 2


Slipping in the night. Now time to take this dress and wear as it should. Let the fabric softly gaze the skin and embrace its feminine design. It’s perfect for a night out or for more formal occasion. I blinged it out with clear acrylic and rhinestone mules and fringy earrings to make it my own.

Written and Styled for Cream City Magazine / photography by Stephanie Varela

One For The Ages // Pt. 1


Every so often we come across a piece of clothing that goes a long way. I like to call them the canvas piece. The starter to every great look. Just like a good white tee, these carry out all the expressions and moods of different looks without budging.

This time around, the center piece is a popular trend born in the 90’s and now back in our wardrobes better than ever. I present to you: the vintage inspired slip dress. From the Kate Moss prime glam days to our favorite Sex and The City characters strutting around town drinking cosmos, this dress minimalistic has taken stage in pop culture.

A nude tone, delicate midi with cowl draping for an exposed back slip oozes the word goddess and I’m here to show you how to wear 3 different ways for different occasions.

The Off Duty Look: Don’t take this dress so serious, we’re here to bend the rules. Play with its versatility by layering it with a tie dye fun tee and sneakers. Accessorize with gold layers. Mixing here formality with casual for an effortless look. We’re basically taking notes from the Dannijo Sisters’s colors and full of tie dye uniform.

Written and Styled for Cream City Magazine / Photography by: Stephanie Varela

Spring Notes // Pt.2


I wasn’t kidding when I said stripes will be the biggest print this season, here in a vintage inspired red and off white dress with cool accents like the button running along the middle. Linen will come in in all shapes and forms, and I love how we will see them in more dressy shapes than the usual like this dress. 

Last year, we saw the revival of the 90 era combat boot, designers were quick to tackle the trend and these chunky lace up sure enough made its way to our closet despite the doubts. I polished them up with a contrasting delicate set, cotton blended white bustier crop with puffy sleeves and high waisted culottes, both popular silhouettes this spring. The cherry on top is also a throwback to our childhood, a beaded colorful bag.


Things to highlight: play around with vintage inspired trends, pearl barrettes, beaded bags, wear all the stripes you find and most importantly take a deep breath because that is exactly what these fabrics should let you do -breath. It’s gonna get hot mama. 

Spring Notes // Pt.1


Man, was it a long winter or was it a long winter? So happy to be whipping out these Spring colors and fabrics finally. In ode to this statement, I will talk to you all about the flowy, airy and breathable fabrics -that in our town, are so under estimated. I’d go a far as describing them as life saving. So before we regret saying goodbye to fall and the weather temperatures sky rocket, lets go over some themes that will play a big role on our survival and keep us cute as well as trends that are sticking on from this past season. 

There will always be a matching set or two being featured in this blog, I love how versatile these pieces are and better yet, so easy to mix and match with others. Its the Jack to my Rose --I’ll never let go. This set highlights THE print of the season: stripes. Baby blues and an easy chiffon sheer top to pair, my go to chunky kitten heels and 2 key hot accessories, gold dainty shell hoops and choker and a bucket hag with acrylic chain handles.


Written, styled for Cream City Magazine, photographed by: Stephanie Varela