A La French // Pt. 3


A La French 

As we continue to with our last look inspired by the French gal, we couldn't more obsessed with this combo. So essential to Spring's trends, we saw the oversize plaid coat during Fall, now the coat evolved into a light weight blazer. 

In the true essence of a cheri --don’t be afraid of menswear. With a little mix of young school girl and the popular 90’s plaid trend, I’m wearing a plaid set with thigh high boots and a sheer sparkled long sleeve top with a cute bralette for the curious eye. I added a scarf wrapped around my neck, an accessory so essential for the French gal. 

I’m sure when all is set and done, and we’ve dominated their art form soon they would ask for le mexicain way for fashion tips. Then, we can give them a lecture or two on mixing hand woven colorful textures.

A La French // Pt.2


A La French

So, what really makes these women so special? I once read, “Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange, and what better time to break this down than with Valentines Day around the corner. A true French girl oozes romance and is known for her simple, low maintenance beauty while also making bold fashion choices.

One of my favorite Instagram accounts for French style cues is @adenorah not only because her amazing feed, but her high waist bottoms are always a must! You can appreciate how this signature style has set her apart. With here aesthetic in mind, I’ve paired a simple high waist denim straight leg and one shoulder black bodysuit, simple yet elegant. Hardly any accessories, because less is more.

A La French // Pt. 1

A La French

There are some styles I praise when it comes to the it girl factor. I love the bohemian chic from the west coast or the cool, perfectly put together New Yorker, but on top of my list, is the effortless romantic, French girl. I’ve been wanting to bring this subject to Cream because in the world of fashion, the biggest muses to designers and trend setters come from the streets of Paris. From our idol mademoiselle Coco Chanel to the modern Marion Cotillard, their je ne sais quoi is memorable and in most cases enviable.

A French woman is so natural to hats, so I’ve taken this suede black cap and added a little mix to the look. With a pair of origami cut white shorts and a classic favorite print, gingham and black ankle booties. A pop of red with my go to leather jacket.

Article issued for Cream City Magazine, Feb-March 2018,  Styled By Michelle, Photo Cred: Dulce Miranda

Mexico For The Holidays

Holidays are always a whirlwhind and nonstop but if there's a part thats actually fun, its outfit planning. So of course if we headed out on vacations, the fair thing would be to share our picks for this trip to the beautiful city of Mexico. In our true colors, the only mission was to eat and we did it so fashionably well...with new arrivals. 

I've never been surrounded myself with so much history and culture at once. From the streets to the local eats and obviously the art. One of my favorite spots was the reknown, majestic, Palacio de Bellas Artes. The day was beautiful to tour around historic downtown, so I went with a cotton/linen blend jumpsuit. Detailed trimmed straps and lace up on the back, something that at first glance can be dressy but I toned it down with a pair of black nikes, my grey bomber jacket and sunnies. At night, I was ready for some drinks with just a change of shoes. 


Season's Greetings // Pt.3


Since we’re all about breaking fashion rules, I’m bringing along my favorites from Spring for the ride this Fall/Winter. I’ve paired gingham culottes it with a pink metallic bomber and sheer embroidered off the shoulder top, and yes, I encourage the print mixing. Recycled and wear year round items are my favorite like these chunky heel sling backs. 

Whatever your occasion, don’t let it find you unprepared. Stress less and party more, is the motto, at least until the next year’s resolution. Be kind, be thoughtful and true to yourself and have fun are trends that will never run out of style. Happy 2018!!